Promo Code CSGOAtse

Use the code :
to get 1000 coins for free (no deposit)

How to activate the promo code CSGOAtse?

Appointment on the website and register or login with your steam account.

Then click on the "AFFILIATE" button in the menu (to the right of deposit).

affiliate csgoatse

You arrive on a page which explains you how to invite your friends on the site. On the right, you have a button with "USE FRIEND'S CODE" written on it (below CREATE NEW CODE)

friends code csgoatse

A popup will appear with a field to fill. You must have a steam account of level 5 and follow csgoatse on twitter to be able to access the 1000 free coins. You need to link your twitter account with an application, just click on "Follow us on twitter" and authorize the application so they can verify that you are following them.

If you meet these criteria, simply enter CSGODUDE and click on "USE CODE" to get 1000 corners for free on the site.

promo code csgoatse

Now you have 1000 coins that you can use all over the site, to play roulette or blackjack for example. I wish you good luck 😉 !

free corners csgoatse

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