Counter Strike Global Offensive is a behemoth in e-sports. For a few years now, CSGO has been considered the best game you can bet on. But, how to bet on CS:GO? Explanation!

5 best CSGO betting sites

Many sites offer bets on Counter Strike: GO. Here is a Top 5 best platforms to bet on CS: GO with welcome bonus.


It is about of the biggest online casino and bookmaker whose goal is to offer e-Sports competitions to players. It also offers several CS: GO options that are not only big events. Indeed, you have tournaments less which are also offered. Finally, keep in mind that Stake is specialized in live betting, you can bet on counter strike, but it is also a more general esport betting site. Sign up to get a very interesting welcome bonus.

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With a simple and efficient designThis online betting site offers comprehensive options for players. Indeed, the minimum deposit to bet on CS: GO is very low with several payment methods. Players enjoy especially the simplicity of this bookmaker. Once you sign up, you will get benefits like welcome bonuses and many other offers.

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It is a site of gambling that offers the deposit of CS:GO skins. You can play and win skins while making bets on a variety of games. Note that deposits are turned into coins and can be used for betting. Bonuses are waiting for you after your registration. Finally, remember that this bookmaker is very present on social networks such as Twitter and Instagram.

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Just like the previous site, CsgoRoll is a gambling site but also a csgo betting site. Users can play several games to earn skins. The operation of the site is similar with many other CS gambling sites. Note that each player can deposit skins to exchange them for coins. Coins can be used to bet on CSGO games.

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Created in 2016, CSGOEmpire is a gaming site where registered players can use counter strike global offensive skins. This is a site owned and operated by Ultimate Dynasty Limited. Also, please note that CSGO Empire is one of the oldest and biggest CSGO gambling sites still in operation. The platform has a simple and attractive design. The odds for betting on CS are very interesting.

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The different rules of Counter Strike: GO

Counter Strike is a game in which two teams of 5 players compete against each other. To win, each team must achieve a goal. The latter can be: to plant a bomb, to defuse a bomb or to save hostages.

Among the two teams, one plays the role of the terrorist and the other plays the role of the anti-terrorists. In this section of the game, players have several game modes at their disposal. However, professional matches are played in competitive mode between 10 players (5 against 5).

Furthermore, it is necessary to remember that Counter Strike: GO has a system that allows it to reward players. Participants can use their money between rounds to buy new weapons. This allows them to increases their chances of winning games later on.

The first team to reach 16 rounds won wins the game.

Types of bets on Counter Strike Global Offensive

Like any other type of game, you will find several betting options at Counter Strike: GO. Here are some examples below:

Bet on the tournament winner

Before the start of the tournament organized on the game, the platforms offer you a section to bet on which team will be the winner in the end. Perfect if you want to bet on a CSGO major.

Betting on the winner of a match

This is the easiest bet on Counter Strike: GO. It is also the easiest to understand and the most common among players. Choose the team that you think will win the game.

Pistol Round Bet

Here, players can bet on the winner of the pistol round, i.e. the first round of the match. Most often this total is 2.5.

Special Bets

You can make bets on more specific events, the team that will win at least 5 rounds, the player with the most kills, etc.

Tips: Follow the news of Counter Strike on the HLTV website. You will find interesting statistics and upcoming games. Perfect to decide your next bets.

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