As is the case with many games, CS:GO features a rank system that allows you to play with people who have the same level as you (in theory).

Unlike a game like Rocket League or League of Legends, Counter Strike hides its algorithm and doesn't let you know when you're going to level up.

However, there are some clues. Here is the list of ranks on global offensive counter strike as well as the percentage of players in each category.

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Rank CS2

Here's the equivalent of CS:GO ranks on CS2, with the new points system.

Silver 1 - Silver Master Elite 0 – 1999 6% of players
Gold Nova 1 - Gold Nova Master 2000 – 5999 22% of players
Master Guardian 1 - Master Guardian Elite 6000 – 8999 28% of players
Distinguished Master Guardian - Legendary Eagle Master 9000 – 12999 29% of players
Supreme Master First Class 13000 – 14999 9% of players
Global Elite 15000+ 6% of players

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Color changes according to rank. At each color level, you have a promotion or relegation game.

  • Below 5000: grey
  • 5000 - 9999: Light blue
  • 10000 - 14999: Blue
  • 15000 - 19999: Violet
  • 20000 - 24999: Pink
  • 25000 - 29999: Red
  • 30000+: Yellow (Gold)

CS:GO Rank

rank csgo


Here are the CSGO ranks from lowest to highest:

  • Silver 1
  • Silver 2
  • Silver 3
  • Silver 4
  • Silver Elite
  • Silver Master Elite
  • Gold Nova 1
  • Gold Nova 2
  • Gold Nova 3
  • Gold Nova 4
  • Master Guardian 1
  • Master Guardian 2
  • Master Guardian Elite
  • Distinguished Master Guardian
  • Legendary Eagle
  • Legendary Eagle Master
  • Supreme Master First Class
  • Global Elite

Percentage rank CSGO

Now here are the percentages for each rank:

rank csgo percentage

  • Silver 1: 4.51%
  • Silver 2: 4,33%
  • Silver 3: 4.39%
  • Silver 4: 5,37%
  • Silver Elite: 6,70%
  • Silver Master Elite: 7.70%
  • Gold Nova 1: 8.52%
  • Gold Nova 2: 8.81%
  • Gold Nova 3: 8.73%
  • Gold Nova 4: 8.17%
  • Master Guardian 1: 7.39%
  • Master Guardian 2: 6,30%
  • Master Guardian Elite: 5,25%
  • Distinguished Master Guardian: 4.07%
  • Legendary Eagle: 3,16%
  • Legendary Eagle Master: 3.19%
  • Supreme Master First Class: 2,61%
  • Global Elite: 0.78%

How each CSGO row is going


The row silver is dedicated to beginners of Counter Strike. You learn the game, you don't really know how to aim, you discover the maps.

Don't worry, if you're regular, getting into silver is not very complicated. Just have a little more strategy than your opponent or aim better to hope to go up.

Don't hesitate to play with others to have more fun.


The rank between nova 1 and nova 4 is quite complicated. Logically, you are starting to have a good level, even if you still have some gaps.

However, you will find a lot of smurf (people who are more senior, who will make a new account with a much lower rank) which will prevent you from climbing.

A good technique to avoid smurfs : be cooperative.

If you are polite, give the information to your team, play the goal, counter strike will put you with people who have a "good grade" with the game. The smurfs tend to troll, they will often end up with other toxic players.

So stay polite, don't get angry, you'll end up with some good ones teammates.

If you are Nova 3, you are part of the top 50% of CSGO, congratulations!

AK and DMG

The Master Guardian rank, also called AK 1, AK 2 and Double AK is a fairly versatile rank. You already know some techniques, you can aim better than most players, it's time to play with others to climb more easily.

Warning: Most of the players in this level have a surplus of confidence. Even if you have a good aim, you will have to use your brain to beat your opponent.

Most people who are in these ranks will smurf to play with lesser friends or win easier. Don't forget there are ranks above, this is the time to stay on his main account 😉 !

Once you have passed the AK rank, you reach the DMG (Distinguished Master Guardian) rank.

If you are DMG, you are one of the top 20% players.

Eagle & Supreme

You are now in a rather coveted position. You know the main mapsyou have a good aimyou know several smokes/flashes.

The Eagle rank and Legendary Eagle are some of the best players in the world. counter strike. 

Then, you will pass supreme (for Supreme Master First Class). You are only one step away from being global elite.

Most of the players at the top level in MM (matchmaking) vary between global and supreme. Of course, when you are global eliteYou can no longer go up, but only down if you are not very fit.

If you are supreme, you are in the top 5% players.


Congratulations, you are global elite. You have reached the highest competitive rank on counter strike. You have a very good level and surely a lot of hours on the counter.

You are one of the top 1% players.

If you are global, you have already heard of Faceit (if you are not already registered). But then, what is faceit?


You can play on Faceit no matter what your rank is on counter strike. This is a separate rank system from the competitive CS.

Faceit servers offer several advantages:

  • A better anti-cheat
  • Higher level players
  • Smoother servers (128 ticks)

Globally, most of the best players play only on faceit.

You have a level system, between 1 and 10.

If you are faceit level 10, you are among the top 0.01% players.

Faceit leaves less room for trolls and cheaters. It's much more fun to play on Faceit servers. But it is also more complicated, you have the best counter strike players, even semi-pros and professionals on the game.

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How to rank up on CSGO

Rankup on counter strike means to move up one rank. On the contrary, if you lose a rank, you have deranked.

Unfortunately, the developers of counter strike never revealed the different points that allow you to know how to rank up on csgo.

However, we know several things, you must :

  • be useful during the round
  • be MVP (best player of the round) as often as possible
  • placing and defusing the bomb
  • inflict damage (make kills / assists / utility damage)
  • win the game

In theory, you cannot rank up if you lose the game. However, you can rank up on a tie.

Of course, the game emphasizes teamwork. It will always be more important to win the game than to make a maximum of kills. You can have more details thanks to CSGO 360 Stats.

You can very well make several wins in a row without moving up. Unfortunately, you will have to be consistent and keep playing to hope to move up.

Rank Danger Zone (csgo)

Counter Strike has launched its battle royale mode. Unlike the competitive and wingsman (2 vs 2 mode), Valve offers different ranks in this game mode.

Rows in danger zone from lowest to highest:

  • Lab Rat 1
  • Lab Rat 2
  • Sprinting Hare 1
  • Sprinting Hare 2
  • Wild Scout 1
  • Wild Scout 2
  • Wild Scout Elite
  • Hunter Fox 1
  • Hunter Fox 2
  • Hunter Fox 3
  • Hunter Fox Elite
  • Timber Wolf
  • Ember Wolf
  • Wildfire Wolf
  • The Howling Alpha


Now you know everything about csgo ranks. If you have any advice or feedback, please leave a comment.

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