How to get CSGO skins for free?

Counter Strike: Global Offensive offers a large collection of skins, ranging from a few cents to several thousand euros. These are visuals that gamers can assign to their equipment. Even if they cost a fortune, it is possible to win them without spending any money. This guide tells you more about how to get free CSGO skins.

Recover bonuses from CSGO gambling sites

The most expensive skin in CSGO was sold for over $100,000. So it's good news for players that these items can be obtained for free. There are a number of options available for this purpose. Among them, gamers have the possibility to go through CSGO gambling sites that offer to collect bonuses. These platforms are numerous on the net, but the most popular are the following. You can consult the complete list of CSGO no deposit bonuses on this page.


CSGORoll is a gambling platform with Counter Strike skins. It allows players to participate in online gambling games allowing them to win CSGO skins. The games available on this site are :

  • Roulette;
  • The coinflip;
  • The crash;
  • Dice.

New players can also claim skins by entering the promo code CSGODUDE designed for the occasion. The site also regularly organizes contests that offer to win these objects at the end of a draw. A level system is set up. It allows users to win free boxes when they exceed certain levels while playing.


CSGOEmpire created in 2016 is a platform where users can play various games using CSGO skins. It is one of the biggest, yet oldest Counter Strike gambling sites and still running. It offers a simple and attractive interface that is available in 18 languages. Users of this platform can enjoy several bonuses and promotions. Already at registration, they can benefit from a free case with a value of around $0.5, again with the code CSGODUDE .

The site also offers various games to its users, including coinflip, roulette, Counter-Terrorist. So you have to deposit skins in your account to bet and win good money. As the player progresses on the platform, he/she receives keys that allow him/her to open daily cash registers. The most difficult levels offer quite interesting rewards. By opening the crates, you can win many prizes, including skins. It is also possible to win free coins and these visual effects by referring your friends to the platform.


Farmskins is a case opening site for CSGO skins. It allows players to buy cases that range in price from a few cents to hundreds of dollars. Opening a case is seen as gambling. In reality, the value of the skins contained in each room far exceeds the amount spent on the purchase. Users simply click on the cash register they are interested in and it opens if they have enough money.

The items it contains will then be transferred to their inventory. But to do this, a prior registration on the platform through a steam account is necessary. It is also possible to obtain these items by entering a promotional code at the time of registration. Players can also earn free crates every day, which allow them to obtain skins for free.


Hypedrop is not a CSGO gambling site per se. It allows its users to open boxes that contain a multitude of prizes within them. It also offers to win certain products that you can have delivered to your home.

Depending on the value of the items in the crate, a crate will be more or less expensive. When registering, players can also enter a promo code to win a crate that offers skins. The platform also allows players to open a free daily crate to win great prizes.

How do I get free CS:GO skins?

Getting free CS:GO skins is a real relief for players who don't have a lot of cash. However, doing it can be a hassle, when you don't know the solutions to use. To get Counter Strike skins for free, you can follow the following tips.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Participate in contests

One of the most interesting ways to win free skins is to participate in contests. These are games that are usually organized by websites. Some contests are free, but other platforms require you to pay before participating. Therefore, you should make sure to take part in free contests. You will only have to perform small tasks to participate, like retweeting or entering your email.

A random draw will then be held to select the winners. If your name is on the list, you will be eligible to win prizes that include CSGO skins. These contests are also found on social networks and are usually organized by gaming communities, YouTube content creators, etc.

Search "Giveway CSGO" on twitter to enter contests.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Open cash registers for free on gambling sites

Another way to get free skins is to open free crates on gambling sites. These are indeed platforms that allow you to make online bets with your own CSGO skins.

However, some of them offer to open crates for free. These are in fact very interesting rooms where you can find various prizes, including CSGO skins. They are usually offered on a daily basis and allow you to accumulate earnings.

Go to the sites above in the article.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Register and fill out offers

In addition to these various solutions previously mentioned, it is also possible to obtain CSGO skins by registering on certain sites and by filling out offers. These are mainly freecash and idle-empire. Freecash actually partners with a multitude of other websites as well as market research companies. This enables it to offer offers to fill to its users who ultimately can earn coins.

Sign up for Free Cash

Idle-empire also fits into the same scheme. It offers deals that players can perform to earn coins. The coins obtained on these platforms can then be redeemed for rewards like cryptocurrencies, voucher games, gift cards and also CSGO skins. As offers to complete, they offer to complete surveys, follow game tutorials or even watch advertisements.

Sign up for Idle Empire

๐Ÿ‘‰ Play Counter Strike and get the skins at the end of a game

The safest way to get free skins is to play Counter Strike. When a game is over, you change levels. With each level change, players earn a drop. This can be a free skin or a free holster. You can get different prizes at the end of each game. This encourages you to keep playing the game and have fun doing it.

Play on private servers with custom games to finish games faster and get skins

Avoid scams on fake free skin sites

Earning free skins is a real headache for players. Some platforms take advantage of players' naivety to scam them in this quest. They offer them to pay a certain amount in exchange for interesting rewards.

When looking for free skins, you must be careful enough. In addition to the scam, you run the risk of hacking, theft of personal data, etc.


There are many ways to get CSGO skins for free. First, you can go through gambling sites. These are platforms that allow you to get these items by playing games. Some of them offer to open crates whose reward is skins and various other items. These are mainly CSGORoll, CSGOEmpire, Farmskins and Hypedrop. You can also register on some platforms and fill out offers, participate in contests, or play CSGO to get those skins at the end of the games.

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