10 best cheap knives on CS2

You are looking for a knife without necessarily spending thousands of euros. It is possible! Here is a list of 10 best cheap knives in Counter-Strike 2 (and CS:GO). These knives are affordable, but still offer a unique and attractive look to personalize your gaming experience.

The ranking is not in order of price. The price of skins can fluctuate greatly depending on the demand, especially with the arrival of Counter Strike 2.

Gut Knife | Safari Mesh

It may not be the most beautiful knife, but it will always be affordable. You can find it around 100$. The Gut Knife | Safari Mesh is simple but effective with a sand and green camouflage pattern, ideal for nature lovers.

👉 Buy on Steam : 88€ (17/06/2024)

👉 Buy cheaper at CS.Money : 76€ (17/06/2024)

Falchion | Urban Masked

The urban camouflage pattern makes this knife perfect for urban combat. Its gray pattern is fairly basic but very nice. The Falchion's animation is pleasant, and the skin costs "only" €100 on average.

👉 Buy on Steam : 124€ (17/06/2024)

👉 Buy cheaper at CS.Money : 94€ (17/06/2024)

Karambit | Rust Coat

We attack the 7th position with the Karambit, a well-known knife in the industry. The Rust Coat format makes your skin more real, as if you'd been in trench warfare with your Karambit. With its curved shape and rusty finish, this knife adds a touch of mystery and danger to your equipment. Available from 550€, a rather high price but still affordable, given that the cheapest Karambits sell for 500€ on average.

👉 Buy on Steam: 675€ (17/06/2024)

👉 Buy cheaper at CS.Money : 529€ (17/06/2024)

Ursus Knife | Crimson Web

Available from 170€, the Ursus Knife Crimson Web is an excellent choice for an inexpensive CSGO knife. Its skin features a red and black spider web pattern, offering a unique and spooky aesthetic. The Ursus's animation is a pleasure to play with, just waiting for you.

👉 Buy on Steam: 207€ (17/06/2024)

👉 Buy cheaper at CS.Money : 167€ (17/06/2024)

Flip Knife | Boreal Forest

One of the first knives available on CSGO with the Boreal Forest skin. You can buy it from 170€ on the steam market and cheaper on secondary sites such as CS.Money. This knife has a green and black camouflage, giving an aggressive and stealthy look.

👉 Buy on Steam: 170€ (17/06/2024)

👉 Buy cheaper at CS.Money : 139€ (17/06/2024)

Huntsman Knife | Forest DDPAT

This knife is appreciated for its green and brown camouflage, which blends perfectly with forest maps such as Cache. The huntsman is very popular on CSGO, partly because of its affordability. You'll find it with this skin from 100€, one of the cheapest on this list.

👉 Buy on Steam: 124€ (17/06/2024)

👉 Buy cheaper at CS.Money : 93€ (17/06/2024)

Shadow Daggers | Stained

You are only 100€ away from having Shadow Daggers Stained. A really inexpensive CSGO knife that is nevertheless very beautiful. An intimidating look with metallic spots that give them a worn look, these Shadow Daggers are a great choice.

👉 Buy on Steam : 97€ (17/06/2024)

👉 Buy cheaper at CS.Money : 79€ (17/06/2024)

Bowie Knife | Blue Steel

With a steel blue hue, this knife has a stylish look that stands out from other knives. Available from 180€, it is one of the best value for money in my opinion. The Bowie Knife deserves its success in the game.

👉 Buy on Steam: 180€ (17/06/2024)

👉 Buy cheaper at CS.Money : 154€ (17/06/2024)

Butterfly Knife | Scorched

It's hard to find an affordable Butterfly knife. It is one of the most expensive CSGO skins, even with the least popular skins. However, you can buy the Butterfly Knife Scorched for 800€ on the secondary markets. Quite a high price, but nothing beats the animation of the Butterfly on the game! This knife is marked with burn marks, which gives it a unique and intriguing look.

👉 Buy on Steam :792€ (17/06/2024)

👉 Buy cheaper at CS.Money : 538€ (17/06/2024)

M9 Bayonet | Night

We end our ranking with the M9 Bayonet Night. This knife features a black and gray stripe pattern, ideal for night missions. You can buy it for €700, one of the cheapest M9s on the Steam market.

👉 Buy on Steam : 700€ (17/06/2024)

👉 Buy cheaper at CS.Money : 438€ (17/06/2024)


For the new CS2 : Canif knife, you can get a Boreal Forest skin for a ridiculously low price.

I hope you find this list of cheap CS2 knives useful. The majority of knives with Boreal Forest, Stained and DDPAT skins are the cheapest, but we've tried to diversify our choices a little to avoid redundancy.

Don't hesitate to give us your feedback in the comments section and read our article on best CSGO skins.

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