Counter-Strike 2 available : Gameplay, Skins and New Features, everything you need to know

An announcement awaited by the fans of the franchise

Valve recently confirmed that Counter-Strike 2 is now a reality and will be available for free in the summer of 2023. Although there is no specific release date for the game yet, this announcement has delighted fans of this historic shooting game series.

The biggest technical leap in Counter-Strike history

In its announcement, Valve points out that Counter-Strike 2 represents the biggest technical leap in its historyThis promises many innovations and updates for years to come. The full list of features will be revealed before the release this summer, but some improvements are already available in the test phase of the game.

New interactions with the environment

Smoke grenades will now be dynamic volumetric objects that interact with the environment and react to lighting, gunfire and explosions. Smoke will also be able to interact with other in-game events, providing new strategy and gameplay possibilities.

Limited testing as of March 22, 2023

Before its official release scheduled for the summer, the game will be tested with selected players from March 22, 2023. This limited test will allow the lucky ones to discover in preview the new features and improvements brought by Counter-Strike 2.

How to access the limited test?

To participate in the limited test, several factors are taken into account by the Counter-Strike 2 development team, including recent play time on Valve's official servers, the trust factor, and the player's Steam account status.

The lucky ones selected will then be able to use all of their CS:GO weapon skkins, stickers, and other inventory items in this test, although modification of inventory items is not allowed.

Functionality and compatibility of old elements

Counter-Strike 2 will take over from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and allow players to enjoy new features while retaining some elements of the old version.

Will my CSGO skins stay on CS2?

CS:GO weapon skins, stickers and other inventory items will be available for use in Counter-Strike 2.

The main new features to remember:

  • Free release planned for the summer of 2023
  • Major technical improvements
  • New interactions with the environment
  • Limited test phase from March 22, 2023
  • Compatibility of CS:GO inventory items

All in all, Counter-Strike 2 is shaping up to be a very promising new opus, which should delight fans of this iconic franchise. Stay tuned to Valve's announcements for all the upcoming news and don't miss the game's release in summer 2023!

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