Promo Code CSGORoll

Use the code :
3 free cases (no deposit)

How to activate the CSGORoll promo code?

Go to website and register or log in with your account.

Then, click on the "FREE BOX" button in the top menu of the site.


You will then have to enter the following code: CSGODUDE

Then click on the "CLAIM 3 CASES" button - get your 3 cases.

Here you are with 3 free chests for which you can win. Click on Open to open them. I wish you good luck 😉 !

What are the prizes available in the CSGORoll free boxes?

In the free box, you can win the following skins:

  • Dragon Lore: Value of 2,285 coins - You have 0.0001% chance to win this skin
  • AK-47 Neon Revolution: Value of 21.22 coins - You have 0.005% chance to win this skin
  • Desert Eagle Mudder: Value of 0.85 coins - You have a 0.50% chance of winning this skin
  • MP5-SD Bamboo Garden: Value of 0.11 coins - You have 70% chance to win this skin
  • AWP Safari Mesh: Value of 0.09 coins - You have 9.4949% chance to win this skin
  • Apple Nova Candy: Value of 0.08 coins - You have 20% chance to win this skin

Once the skin is won, you have the choice between keeping it in your inventory or selling it for the indicated number of coins (which you can then use on other CSGORoll games).

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