Key-Drop Promo Code

Use the code :
0.50 free (no deposit)

With the code CSGODUDECOM, you can get an extra 10% on your deposits and €0.50 free to try out the site. We'll show you how, step by step.

How do I activate the Key Drop promo code?

Go to website and register or login with your account.

Click on the drop-down menu next to your profile picture in the top right-hand corner. Then on "Promotional Code".

Then enter the following code: CSGODUDECOM and click on apply.

With this code, you get an extra 10% on your first deposit. For example, if you deposit €50, you can play with €55.

But that's not all: with the code CSGODUDECOM, you get €0.50 back on your player account without depositing anything!

Which cash register to buy with Key-Drop promo code?

With the €0.50 offered on the site, you can choose between 5 crates. You can choose between 2 Milspec cases or one Energy case.

In my example, I'm going to open a caisse Energy. I can win :

  • P90 Freight : 0.06 (96.949% chance)
  • AK47 Nightwish : 8.60 (1.017% of luck)
  • M4A4 The Emporor : 12.07€ (1.017% of luck)
  • M4A1-S : 14.15 (1.017% chance)

Knowing that you're playing for free, the platform is very generous.

However, I advise you to open 2 Milspec casesmuch more profitable than Energy, Daggers, Tech or Ice Blast.

You now have a few euros on KeyDrop free of charge, which you can spend in checkouts or withdraw to get a skin csgo free.

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