You know Phantomlord as the streamer who had a legal run-in with the video game streaming service Twitch. However, you don't have the detailed and complete information about his background. If you want to know more about this professional gamer, you're in luck.

Who is he, what is his background in streaming and what are the ins and outs of his controversy with CSGOShuffle?

Who is Phantomlord ?

Born on October 7, 1988 in the United States, "Phantoml0rd" has for real name James VARGA. He is an influencer, an authentic American streamer and e-sport pro. He has notably broadcast League of Legends and CS: GO games on his Twitch channel.

In League of Legends, he reached the number 1 spot as a solo player in 2011. At the iconic LOL Karthus and Ziggs championships, he was ranked 18th in the streamer rankings worldwide.

He created the original V8 Esports team. He also owned CSGOShuffle which is a site that allowed players to bet on weapon skins.

The Phantomlord Streamer and its professional life

The Streamer has made a lot of money in e-Sports. However, he has ventured into other equally profitable sites.

He started his career as a pro on League of Legends, before moving on to CSGO. He created a large fan community on Twitch and decided to broadcast his bets on gambling csgo. He encourages his viewers to play on these sites.

Nevertheless, in 2016, it was found that Phantomlord owns the CSGOShuffle site, which he promotes and rigs the results to his advantage.

The Phantomlord Controversy with CSGO Shuffle

In 2016, journalist Richard Lewis pulled up email exchanges between Varga and CSGO coder Shuffle Duhau Joris. He stated through the papers that Varga actually owned the site, a fact the latter failed to mention on twitch.

For this, the streamer had his channel closed and he was suspended for life by Twitch without warning on July 19, 2016. All this happened while Phantomlord had nearly 1.4 million subscribers and 88.5 million views on the streaming platform dedicated to video games.

In the process, Twitch, which is a subsidiary of Amazon, accused him of repeatedly violating its terms of service and rigging bets in the past in his favor. James later realized that the real problem was the amount of non-game related content he was broadcasting. Indeed, the CS:GO skin game seemed to violate the content guidelines as well.

Twitch's statements against Phantomlord

As a result, Twitch filed a counterclaim shortly before the trial began. The complaint alleged that Phantomlord "began abusing Twitch's services to defraud other Twitch users, as well as its own community, for its own financial gain.

At the time, the streaming platform was undertaking various crackdowns to "ensure the integrity of its rules and the content delivered on its services." Thus, the complaint also alleged that Phantomlord "had been warned and penalized, for this very reason, on multiple occasions."

What was Phantomlord's reaction to Twitch's accusations?

The streamer contested all the accusations made against him. Moreover, he revealed that it was the firm that had recruited him. The latter had made him a contract proposal which, in the end, was terminated for reasons a little obscure. Indeed, the lawsuit emphasized that James, by feeding the site, was in fact a partner of the house and did not simply use Twitch. This partnership, based on an agreement, was automatically broken when PhantomLord's account was terminated.

Twitch eventually banned Varga from the site, a decision Varga called a classic act of "scapegoating. He was convinced that the streaming service's actions were motivated by unverified allegations that were made public only so he could profit from his popularity. So he decided to sue Twitch in turn for the financial damage the network had caused him. He then appealed in February 2018 in San Francisco to the California Supreme Court via Unikrn. For all the trouble caused, he asked for damages for lost revenue worth $ 35 million.

Phantomlord Social Networks

Is Phantomlord sponsored

Phantomlord was sponsored by CSGOShuffle (which he owned) and CSGOWild. He is not affiliated with any gambling site today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a set of questions and answers related to the Phantomlord vs Twitch case.

Did Twitch actually withdraw its complaint?

Shortly after, in July 2020, Twitch filed new documents praying the Supreme Court in San Francisco, California to dismiss the case. This, following the report of the statement of the journalist Richard Lewis. This request was rejected by the judge, resulting in a legal dispute between the two parties.

How did the controversy with CSGO Shuffle end?

James "Phantoml0rd" Varga announced via his personal Twitter account the resolution of the case where he won against the streaming platform.

Has Phantomlord been compensated?

Twitch will have to pay a total of 20,720.34 USD as compensation to the streamer Phantomlord who, it should be remembered, had claimed 35 million dollars. Nevertheless, it was a victory for James VARGA.

In conclusion, we must remember that Phantomlord is a professional streamer very well known in the e-Sports world and who has managed to raise his head despite the disputes that opposed him to the giant Twitch.

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