A CSGO pro player since 2009, Malek is a youtuber who is a big hit in the gaming world. Indeed, on YouTube, you will find his account under the nickname "MALEK CSGO". He is a creator of gaming videos and also participates in several online gaming competitions. On YouTube, Twitch, Twitter and Instagram, Malek has a phenomenal number of followers. This is a testament to the quality of the content he shares. Want to know more about him? Here's everything you need to know about Malek CSGO.

An edifying journey

Malek Bennouioua, better known as MaleK CSGO Is a youtuber specializing in the game CSGO. Previously a professional player for the Epsilon team, he stopped his career in 2017 after a long period of inactivity.

As a pro player, Malek has never won a major tournament, but he has been distinguished by numerous TOP 3 finishes in LANs throughout France.

After his playing career, Malek will focus on youtube and twitch and become one of the biggest CSGO youtubers in France.

A must on CSGO

His notoriety is spreading to other platforms through his social network accounts. Indeed, his account Instagram has more than 41 000 subscribers, his account YouTube has more than 100 000 subscribers, his account Twitter into account 46 000 subscribers and finally his account Twitch has 117 000 subscribers.

On his YouTube channel, under the name Malek CSGO, he shares tutorials, official competition matches, match analysis. You can also find coaching, videos on Counter-strike and Valorant news, tips, guides.

His account has all kinds of videos for his subscribers to enjoy. His contents have more than 23.000.000 views. It also has a website (https://malekcsgo.fr/). You will find a forum where you can discuss with other players and even find opponents while sharing your passions.

Malek CSGO : more than just a Youtuber

On the Malek CSGO website, players can find all the settings used by the player during all his games. In addition to this, a store is open for thepurchase of equipment necessary to play your games with very high performance.

As you can understand, Malek does not present himself as a simple Youtuber, but as a CSGO pro playerwhile thinking of his community. It should also be noted that on his Twitter account, you will regularly find news about Counter-strike and Valorant. In January 2021, YouTube awarded him his 100,000 subscriber trophy. A result that marks the quality of his work, but also the appreciation that his subscribers have for him.

MaleK CSGO's Social Networks

Is MaleK CSGO sponsored

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