S1mple is a Counter-Strike Global Offensive player known for his skill in the game. His real name is Oleksandr Kostyliev (in Ukrainian Олександр Костылєв). S1mple is an outstanding player who fascinates even his teammates. Focus on this Ukrainian player designated as the best of his generation.

Who is S1mple?

He was born on October 2, 1997 in Kiev, the Ukrainian capital. S1mple is a professional player of Counter-Strike Global Offensive. The reference website of the CSGO has named him the best in the world for the 2021 season. This honor is well deserved, considering S1mple's dominance over his opponents.

It should be noted that he had already received this title in 2018. Three years later, he dethroned the French ZywOo Who was the best in the world in 2019 and 2020. He has been playing on the Natus Vincere team since 2016 at the sniper position.

How did S1mple evolve in his career?

S1mple was introduced to Counter-Strike by his older brother who was an enthusiast.

The beginning with Hellraisers

In 2014Oleksandr Kostyliev aka S1mple was considered one of the rising stars of e-sports in Ukraine. That same year, he joined the Hellraisers team after proving himself as a substitute on the team. His prowess was far superior to that of his teammates. This made him quickly rise in esteem.

He then joined Flipside Tactics around February 2015. However, it will not last long. Indeed, the atypical player whose performances were no longer to be demonstrated left Flipside Tactics in July of the same year. It was at this time that he decided to take a break in his professional career.

In 2016, he moved to the United States and joined Team Liquid. In the semifinals of the Columbus major, this team was defeated by Team Luminosity. In April of the same year, he moved back to Ukraine due to his visa problems. However, he maintains his contract with Team Liquid by streaming for the latter.

The entrance to Natus Vincere

The different experiences he has had in teams have allowed him to find his way within Natus Vincere. He is a member of this organization and has been a major player in it since joining in 2016. In August 2016, S1mple resigned from Team Liquid to join Natus Vincere.

He was ranked in the Top 20 players of the year 2016 by HLTV in 2017. However, 2017 was not a very glorious year for Natus Vincere. The team parted ways with some of its players like Denis Kostin and GuardiaN. This allowed S1mple to take over the AWP. In December, Na'Vi as he is called for short, wins his only title of the year. As for S1mple, it reaches the 8th place in HLTV's Top 20 ranking for 2017.

During 2018, MBIR, a Brazilian e-sports club invites S1mple as well as other players to form a team with international reach. However, the latter changes its mind when the transfer should take place. This led to the dissolution of the project. S1mple's 1.33 rating for the year earned him the title of best player in the world in 2018.

Despite Na'Vi's irregular results, she won the IEM Katowice 2020, the biggest tournament of the year. S1mple came second in the HLTV ranking after the French ZywOo. The year 2021 saw S1mple's coronation thanks to the PGL Major Stockholm. There he defeated G2 Esports with the help of his team by a score of two cards to zero. This title is the biggest one a Counter-Strike Global Offensive e-sport player can dream of winning.

What is S1mple's track record?

S1mple has eight trophies to his credit including 1 major. In 2016, he participated in ESL One New York. In 2017 and he wins the DreamHack Open Winter. His track record also includes:

  • CS: GO Asia Championships 2018,
  • BLAST Premier Global Final 2020,
  • DreamHack Masters Spring 2021,
  • ESL Pro League Season 14,
  • PGL Major Stockholm 2021 and
  • BLAST Premier Fall Final 2021.

This impressive track record makes S1mple a player that every team wants.

Is S1mple sponsored?

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S1mple's Social Networks

Frequently asked questions

🎯 What is S1mple's style of play?

When necessary, it attempts no-scope with its AWP. S1mple is very mobile and very smart with cards. He is very smart and skilled with a particularly aggressive style. All these tactics make him an internationally renowned player.

🎯 How much does S1mple earn per month?

S1mple has estimated earnings ranging from about $50,000 to $85,000. This figure can fluctuate depending on the period.

🎯 S1mple's best statistics

In 2021, S1mple earned a 2.0 rating from HLTV for its 1.35 score. It has a death-to-death difference of +1,365 with 183 cards played and about 5,000 individual turns.

Ultimately, S1mple is a professional e-sports player whose individual performances never cease to amaze. His atypical background evokes great resilience and hard work. S1mple's success is due to his skill in the game, his intelligence and above all his positive spirit.

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⭐ Networks Twitter, Instagram, Twitch
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🎂 Birthday October 2, 1997
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