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Niko, whose real name is Nikola Kovač, is a professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player. He is ranked among the best E-sport players in the world. Born on February 16, 1997 and originally from Bosnia and Herzegovina, he was voted the 2nd best player in 2017 and 3rd in 2018. Discover here the essential to know about this CSGO player with an atypical path in the E-sport universe.

Early career

Niko started his playing career with the goal of becoming the best player in his hometown. To achieve this goal, he dedicated more and more time to the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. After achieving his goal, the young player participates in small competitions in early 2012 in Serbia in various teams. These are iNation, the mix aimface or GamePub.

During the competition of the Madz Catz Vienna in 2013The French public discovered him for the first time. During this one, his team defeated the Lemondogs with a score of 16-8. He also played for other teams such as FullProof, neWave, myDGB, eu4ia where he gained experience. Niko has established himself as the best player of the Balkans thanks to his playing style and versatility, giving him the ticket to the Mousesports team.

Mousesports: A successful first step into the unknown

By integrating Mousesports In March 2015, the Bosnian player made a big jump to the unknown where he shines brightly. In this German formation, he shows an excellent level of play and an impressive ability to save several games.

Although Mousesports did not win any major championshipsNiKo is an extremely clear professional player. In the first season of the ELEAGUE, Mousesports is in peril being ranked 14th in its pool. During this season, Niko and his teammates will reach the semi-finals against the team which will be crowned in Atlanta. This season will be marked by the performances of Niko, with over 108 kills in three cards and a decisive overtime feat on Cache.

For its last event at the DreamHack Masters Las VegasHe took his team to the top 5-8 of the competition by beating FaZe Clan. He will be bought by the latter in February 2017. His time with this team is marked by the success of almost all of his actions such as moving or zone cleaning.

The FaZe Clan transfer

The impressive performance of the superstar Niko of the video game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive attracted FaZe's interest. His transfer was signed for a then-record fee of $500,000. In this team of star players, the young Bosnian player showed his full potential.

With this team, Niko won many high level tournaments, including the StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 3. During this tournament, he won his first MVP of the year. This was followed by a string of flawless wins at ELEAGUEA CS: GO Premier 2017 and the ESL One: New York 2017. During this tournament, he demonstrated his rifle skills, destroying opposing lines with ease. In addition, the team won the E-sport Championship Season 4 trophy Series that same year.

In addition to these victories, FaZe's team also won the Intel Extreme Masters XIII in Sydney in 2018 with Niko's support. In addition, the rejuvenated team added two more trophies to their list of achievements, after narrowly missing out on the ELEAGUE Major : Boston 2018. It is the ESL One: Belo Horizonte and the EPICENTER in Moscow, Russia. At the end of 2019, he offers himself two victories at the two BLAST Pro Series, the one in Miami and Copenhagen. After a three and a half year adventure with the FaZe Clan team, Niko joined G2 Sports.

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At what age did the Bosnian player play Counter-Strike for the first time?

At the age of nine, the Bosnian player Niko first played Counter-Strike in a family cybercafé.

How much did G2 E-sports pay for Niko?

According to analysts at "E-sports Transfer", G2 E-sports paid 2,420,000 $ in October 2020 for the transfer of Niko. This is one of the biggest transfers in history.

Are HuNter and NiKo brothers?

Currently playing for G2 E-sports as a rifler under the username huNter-, Nemanja Kovač is Niko's cousin.

What to remember about Niko the CSGO player?

Niko is an exceptional player who plays the role of rifler. He knows how to keep his cool in order to accomplish his missions with a serenity and a tenacity out of the ordinary. With his arrival at G2 E-sports, he could opt for a formation with six players who will be able to navigate according to the opposing team.

During his career, Niko has won over 729,000 $. According to HLTV rankings, he was ranked in the top 15 of the world's best players three times. In addition, he holds the record for kills in a single game and has 6 MVP awards.

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⭐ Networks Twitter, Instagram, Twitch
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🎂 Birthday February 16, 1997
🌍 Origin Bosnia and Herzegovina

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