Faze wins for the first time a major on CS:GO against Na'Vi at the PGL Major Antwerp in Belgium

Faze Clan wins its first major in Belgium, at the PGL Major Antwerp. The team composed of Karrigan, Broky, Twistzz, Ropz and Rain gave the FaZe Clan team its first world championship title on CS:GO after a 2-0 victory over Natus Vincere (Na'Vi). The team won against the last world champions, composed of Perfecto, B1t, Electronic, Boombl4 and S1mple, current best player on Counter Strike.

This is not the only achievement, it is also the first international team to win a Major on Counter Strike.

A very tight first card

The final was held on May 22, 2022, pitting FaZe against Na'Vi, respectively first and second in the world ranking on CSGO (HLTV). The maps were Inferno, Nuke and Ancient in a BO3 to decide the winner.

FaZe leads the first part of the game, 10-5. But the Russian-Ukrainian team doesn't give up and ends up equalizing 15-15. Thanks to Karrigan, who has been in the team since February 2021, the overtime will be in favor of FaZe. The Danish player will make three kills in a two against four situation on the A-bomb site in the 29th round, which allows FaZe to gain confidence to finally win 19-16.

A crushing victory in the second game

Then a second card was chosen by the Na'VI team, Nuke. FaZe remains once again dominant in the first game with a score of 10 to 5. Despite a very good game from the Russian player Perfecto, the Russian-Ukrainian team loses to FaZe by 16 to 10. So FaZe, an international team, wins its first major, the most important tournament of Counter Strike.

Their opponents, Na'Vi, were the latest winners of the Major, at the PGL Major Stockholm in 2021, which pitted them against G2.

The Norwegian player Rain is the top of the ranking with 52 kills for 40 kills and a damage per round of 107.9. This is also the player who wins the MVP Award, rewarding the best player of the tournament. Pillar of the team since 2016, Håvard Nygaard of his real name says he is honored.

"It's so amazing, I don't even know how to explain it. I'm still kind of in shock, I don't think I've realized yet that we actually won the Major. Even two, three months before this event I was telling my friends back home to come to the Major, we're going to win this for sure, I kept telling them."

He will also share on instagram a photo with his girlfriend, who went on stage for the occasion.


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A post shared by Håvard Nygaard (@faze_raincs)

Current ranking on CSGO

The Norwegian is confident for the future, indicating that this was only the beginning. Na'Vi is still in a good position to dethrone the current world champions.

We find for the moment Faze in first position, then Na'Vi and Ence to finish this podium. The French team Vitality is only ranked 8ᵉ and G2, former finalist of the major are currently 5th.

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