• Clean design
  • Many choices
  • Fast and efficient support
  • Site certified on Trustpilot and rated 4.9/5
  • 12% fee on the sale of skins
  • No cryptocurrency

Skinport is a platform to buy and sell CSGO skins outside the steam market. It is a German company's website, and it offers various possibilities to users. If you have some CSGO skins, and you want to sell them to earn real money, this site is the most suitable.

With Skinport, you can acquire your skins more easily. Here's everything you need to know about Skinport.

💎 Site
💰 Bonus Up to -60%
💸 Market CS:GO, Dota 2, Rust, TF 2
📙 Language French, English, German, Russian, Turkish, Spanish, Swedish, Polish, Dutch, Chinese, Portuguese
  ℹ️ Info +49 711 25269444 / [email protected]
⭐ Note 4/5

What is Skinport?

Skinport is a platform for the exchange or purchase of CSGO skins. Besides CSGO, the site also offers to buy items on the games :

  • RUST
  • Dota 2
  • TF2

On this platform, you can buy skins at relatively low prices. You can also sell these skins and withdraw the profits in real money either by bank transfer or any other payment method.

Skinport is one of the oldest sites for selling and buying skins. It has been operating since 2018 and offers a variety of features. According to a report by SimilarWeb, it hosts more than 2.3 million users every month.

It has also set up a KYC verification system to allow you to withdraw your balances in real money. We'll come back to this point later in the article.

In contrast to the Steam marketplace, Skinport is a place to sell skins and earn real money. With this one, the earnings from your sale can be immediately withdrawn. On the other hand, on the Steam market you do not have the possibility to make withdrawals. Also, your wallet can only be used on Steam.

Also, the prices offered on Steam are exorbitant. In addition to limiting the use of your wallet, Steam makes you lose quite a bit of money since it charges you huge fees on your sales.

How to buy a skin ?

Skinport is a site that promotes and makes the acquisition of skins simple.

You don't need to have a lot of technical knowledge before buying skins on Skinport.

  • You will first have to register with Steam
  • You must then choose a skin that you like (insert the name of the object in the search bar or browse the market)
  • You must add it/them to your cart
  • Then, you are redirected to the checkout to validate your order.
  • After paying for your purchases, you will automatically get an exchange link, a bot will deliver the item to you.

The site provides you with several online payment methods more efficient than any other purchasing platform.

It should be added that Skinport does not apply any hidden expenses to your purchase. You pay without ambiguity the price displayed on the product, no less and no more.

The cost of Skinport is 12%This is slightly higher than some of its competitors.

Also, after the purchase, you can also send your skins directly to your Steam account. To do this, the site has set up bots that will send you trade offers for your purchased items. All you have to do is accept them in order to authorize the transactions.

How to deposit on Skinport?

Skinport has put in place numerous online payment methods. These are grouped into different categories.

One finds in particular the means of online payment such as:

  • CSGO Skins
  • MasterCard / Visa / American Express
  • Blik

It should be noted that the Skinport site does not accept cryptocurrency.

How to sell a skin on Skinport ?

Apart from the fact that you can buy your items on Skinport, it is also possible to sell on this platform. To sell skins on this site, you must follow certain steps.

Sign up

The first step to be able to put your items on sale is to register on the platform. To do so, you must go to the site and press "Register". During the registration process, you will be asked to fill in your personal information such as your first and last name, and your e-mail address.

Remember that registering on the Skinport site allows you to link your Steam account to it.

Selling skins

After registering, you must enter your Commercial URL. Thus, you can select the accessories that you wish to sell in your inventory. Then, you exchange them with a Skinport robot so that it presents them on the platform. You must add a price to your items.

Once the skin sold on Skinport, you will receive the money on your account. You can then make a withdrawal towards your bank account. There is however a verification of identity to be made beforehand. An identity card and a proof of residence will be asked to you to check your account. This is mandatory to avoid money laundering.

The disadvantages of Skinport

As good as Skinport can be, the site still has some flaws. Here are the ones we noticed:

  • The duration of withdrawals are sometimes long
  • Sales taxes at 12 %

Is Skinport a scam?

Skinport is a trustworthy and completely secure skin buying/reselling site. If you have any doubts, which I can understand considering the unscrupulous skin sites that abound on the web, you can go on Trustpilot and consult the many glowing comments from Skinport users.

Skinport's total rating on Trustpilot is 4.9 out of 5, out of nearly 9,000 reviews, 91 % of users rated the site as "Excellent".


❓ Who can use Skinport?

Any person can use this site, but to have an account Skinport, it is necessary to be over 18 years old.

❓ Where do you find the items you buy on Skinport?

After your purchase, you must click on your avatar and select the tab "My Items" all the items purchased will be displayed in this part.

❓ Are bad purchases refunded?

Skinport unfortunately does not refund the purchases of bad objects, you can nevertheless resell them on the platform.

Conclusion (Skinport Avis)

Compared to many other sites, Skinport is considered a good market for buying or selling skins. It offers a wide choice to its customers, including very low prices. Secure, automatic and very reliable platform, Skinport has more interesting advantages than the Steam market.

However, we will note the lack of cryptocurrency to deposit or withdraw and the rather high 12% fees on the sale of skins.

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